• Know Thyself

  • Inscribed in the portico of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi is the phrase “Know Thyself.” Two simple, little words and yet inherent within them lie the answers to your happiness. To all you desire. To all, you would ever need.  And yet, so few know themselves or have the inclination or even know that there is such a thing as to “know oneself”.  After all, what does that even mean? The answers reach far beyond the superficial ones that immediately come to mind when asked “Who are you?”…”A mom, a husband, a banker, young, old, black, white, man, woman, Christian, Jew, etc.”  But when all of the labels or trimmings get stripped away, then what? Uncertainty can be a very scary and confusing place for many, especially when something happens quite unexpectedly like the loss of a job, or divorce or illness.

    That is where I come in. Together we delve into the stories that keep you stuck in fear, unable to move forward or even function at times.  We examine and explore outdated belief systems and conditioning that you have clung to since birth. Through a variety of different techniques and modalities real and lasting change is created, enabling you to have the life that you want, not a life that you are “stuck with”. My job is about knowing how to gently prod you into the increased self-awareness necessary for finding true peace and contentment while helping to shift the patterns within you.

    At the very core of you there resides a being just waiting to be acknowledged, encouraged, validated and most importantly, activated!  So, “Who are you?”  I dare you to find out!

    Contact me when you are ready to awaken the potential within.