• Stress Reduction Package

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    Most people report a sense of calm, better sleep and increased energy as well as better able to cope with issues when they arise.

    Are you experiencing headaches, low energy, muscle tension, aches and pains, insomnia or loss of sexual desire?  What about difficulty concentrating, irritability, racing thoughts, forgetfulness, confusion, disorganization and overwhelm? 

    If you are experiencing 3 or more of these, then you are probably not managing your life stress as well as you could and would greatly benefit from this awesome stress reduction package!

    Most people report a sense of calm, better sleep and increased energy as well as better able to cope with issues when they arise.


    10  Life-Coaching sessions that are designed to facilitate active stress reduction while providing you tools and strategies to use on your own.

    10  Neuro-Feedback sessions designed to calm your nervous system and begin to put into place healthier neuro-pathways.

    2    60 minute Relaxation Massages of your preference.  Included are the use of aroma therapy essential oils.  (Hot Stones available for small up-charge)

    2    Nutrient rich IV therapies  (Robust Myers Cocktail)


    Magnesium- relieves anxiety/stress and relaxes muscle pains

    Vitamin C- super powerful antioxidant that triggers our white blood cells to function at an optimal level

    B-complex- As we age, we typically lack in b vitamins which can impact mood and overall well-being 

    B-12- An amazing vitamin that gives us energy and improves stamina

    Biotin- amazing for letting our energy and inner glow shine through- improves skin tone, hair and nail strength/growth 

    Trace minerals and over 10 amino acids that work in harmony to make us feel half our age!

    BEMER- circulates the IV at a rapid rate while improving kidney and liver function for optimal detoxification.. also decreases inflammation which reduces pain for an amazing better YOU!

    *all vitamins and minerals are water soluble and what the body does not need/use.. it will excrete


    2    Far infrared sauna sessions

    Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air sometimes to uncomfortable levels, our infrared sauna heats the body directly, allowing you to receive maximum health benefits in far more comfort. FIR helps lower blood pressure, reduces chronic pain, improves circulation, and boosts mood.


    1    Sensory Deprivation Tank session

    SDT works by reducing all sources of incoming stimuli, helping floaters reduce stress, enter a deep state of relaxation and calm the nervous system. This helps increase immune function and regulates output of stress hormones like cortisol. In addition you experience positive brain benefits.