• Syn·chro·nic·i·ty: Noun

    The “simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”.



    Synchronicity Walks (FREE – Limited space available)

    Join us for a spontaneous walk around St. Petersburg and Tampa with only your subconscious as your guide! Have fun, meet new people and experience powerful, synchronistic events! This is a free meet-up but please bring money for incidentals and a meal along the way. Recommended to bring: comfortable shoes, light clothing and a bottle of drinking water.

    How to sign up:

    You must reserve a place no later than 1 day prior to an event. For example, you must register by Thursday for a Friday event.  Please view the calendar for dates of upcoming events. You can register via MeetUp …


    • For those attending, please add my email to your contacts list: darlenecolemancoaching@gmail.com
    • If you’re running late or change your mind about attending, please send me a courtesy email to let me know…

    I look forward to meeting everyone for this magical experience!



    About Synchronicity


    “Mundane circumstances of daily life can be rich with synchronicity if we have the right inner conditions—if we make ourselves more open to the world through personal awareness and inner work.”

    ~ Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom


    Our lives exist within a field of energy filled with unlimited, knowledge and potential. We are made of that same energy and are connected with it, in the most intimate of ways. Some call it “The Field”, others call it “Source” and yet others will say that these incredible Universal alignments are nothing more than pure “coincidence”. If you can allow yourself to be open and aware, you can be drawn into the current of a larger field of existence. Whatever the name, if you truly want to experience the gift of synchronicity, you must experience it for yourself.

    • Get out of super-rational thinking
    • Be drawn to something which has meaning or purpose
    • Discover something significant to you at a specific location
    • Be in the right place at the right time to see something strange or different
    • Meet someone who may have important information for you
    • Experience a sudden urge to do something unusual that leads to a delightful surprise
    • Get outdoors and get some fresh air and exercise

    When faced with life’s challenges, we sometimes don’t quite know how to move forward. By learning how to listen to life’s little messages and follow the synchronicities that appear along the way, we can get into the flow of life and learn to trust in the certainty of what we’re doing.


    Want to share your story of synchronicity? Please add your story in the comments section!