• tic-tocWhen we look at the world today, it appears that our planet and the human race itself are in a crisis unlike any we have known in our lifetime. While experience and science have taught us that our atmosphere, as well as nature, provides our bodies with nourishment and sustenance, we as humans poison our air, our food, our water and ultimately our ecosystem, thereby making us the largest predator on the planet.

    There is a constant narrative telling us that there are limited resources available and that the development of civilizations depends on nations’ ability to harness these elements towards their own gain.

    As a species, rather than using the free energy sources that exist, we still rely on limited supplies such as fossil fuels, which also threaten our environment. Meanwhile, those who have ownership of these resources have defined the citizens of the world as the “haves and the have nots” and use their position as permission to justify many wars.

    Our minds are equally poisoned, as we are hypnotized daily by mainstream media outlets that propagate fear and hatred of “that” or “them.”

    In addition to resource wars, among other issues, we are told we’re under constant threat from “someone.” We see the stories playing out in the news about one attack or another, be it here or abroad, and we are reminded to be on the alert for anyone “suspicious.” Truthfully, I’m much more wary of those creating the story then of the characters portrayed.

    The time is upon us then to ask ourselves where we are heading and what will be the natural outcome if we stay on this path and, more importantly, how do we change it for a better future.

    For change to happen, we must first want to embrace it and then believe that it’s not only worth it but possible. We must also be willing to look at the things that scare us and not be afraid or turn away in denial, and then stand in the power of love as we do so and recognize and reclaim the truth of who we are.

    It is in the darkest places where the light is needed most.

    On the physical plane, if we look at ancient traditions or examples from Native American cultures we can observe how unity and cooperation offer a far better chance of survival than do competition and aggression. We also can recognize the value of living in harmony with nature and one another while cultivating the vitality of our environment. The essence of who we are knows that such unity is possible, and we are starting to remember.

    On the spiritual plane, we must ask ourselves: “If we were to extinguish the fires of wars happening within us, would the world as we know it change?” There is a quote from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu that says,

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

    What is required from us now is that we raise our consciousness both individually and collectively. Our primary goal must be to become the vessels in which the higher frequencies can anchor, and at last awaken from our state of hypnosis. If we are to understand the Masters and those who have gone before us, then we know our beliefs, attention, and focus are what create our reality. Holding our attention to a higher vibration is imperative. We must engage in things that are life-giving and joyful, and give no attention to the negative scenarios that are currently being presented.

    When and wherever possible, project a vibration of love and hold a vision of peace. These will be our biggest assets.

    Ultimately, we must learn how to survive and overcome this time of technological and spiritual adolescence and move beyond our inevitable differences in ways that prevent us from destroying our planet and ourselves. We are so much more than our differences that divide us. Humanity has always had an incredible ability to unify during moments of common need. That moment is now…won’t you join me?