• CompassThere is an old term, “dead reckoning,” (D.R.) that may be used at times by sailors and pilots as a method of navigation. Thought to mean deduced reckoning, it is the “process of calculating one’s current position, especially at sea, by estimating the direction and distance traveled, rather than by using landmarks, astronomical observations, or electronic navigation methods.” However, this method can be subject to significant errors, as speed and direction must be accurately known at all times, and each estimate of position is relative to the previous one. If your coordinates are off, you can get very lost.

    D.R. is a great analogy to explain the benefits of Life Coaching.  Many times we can find ourselves adrift due to our initial perceptions being incorrect, and there are many ‘telltale’ signs along the way, to borrow from another sailing term. Some of the signs you may be off course are how you are feeling on a daily basis.  Anyone can have a bad day, but if you find yourself consistently feeling out of sorts, depressed, anxious or lost, it could be an indicator there might be choppy seas ahead.

    Life Coaching helps to keep you on course.

    It’s common to have coaches for all sorts of activities. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer, to name a few, but when it comes to the game of life, many will ignore all of the warning signs and go it alone, choosing instead to drift along rudderless and possibly even becoming stranded at sea.

    Why is it, when it comes to ourselves, we often resist getting help?

    One reason may be we have learned to put our emotional health on the back burner.  For years there has been a stigma around asking for help, whether it be to achieve a personal goal or to work through a troubling issue. There seems to be a sense of guilt around spending the resources on something like your feelings.  However, if you think about it, what better asset do we have, aside from our well-being and success?

    I believe the bigger reason, is that it’s hard and many times, very painful, to look within.

    When we begin to evaluate our lives, some of the truths that we may uncover could make us or those around us, uncomfortable.  Through close examination, we realize that some things may need to change, and change can bring fear.

    Just as there are different styles of therapists, there are also different styles of coaching.  My personal style of coaching centers on “Know Thyself.”   Two simple, little words and yet inherent within them lie the answers to your happiness. To all you desire. To all, you would ever need.  And yet, so few know themselves or have the inclination or even are aware there is such a thing.  After all, what does that even mean?

    The answers reach far beyond the superficial ones that immediately come to mind when asked “Who are you?”…”Mom, husband, banker, young, old, black, white, man, woman, Christian, Jew, etc.”  But when all of the labels or trimmings get stripped away, then what?

    That is where coaching comes in. Together we delve into the stories that keep you stuck in fear, unable to move forward or even function at times.  We examine and explore outdated belief systems and conditioning that you have clung to since birth. Through a variety of different techniques and modalities real and lasting change can be created, enabling you to have a life that fulfills you, not a life that you are “stuck with.”

    At the very core of you there resides a being just waiting to be acknowledged, encouraged, validated and most importantly, activated. My job is about knowing how to gently prod you into the increased self-awareness necessary for setting sail and finding your true North.

    Don’t get moored down, reach out today and make the change, your life is waiting for you.